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After successful launch of AGS Royal at Villivakkam, AGS has opened Coromanadel Plaza at OMR( Old Mahabalipuram Road).

Number of Screens at AGS OMR: 4 Screens

Total seats in the 4 screens: 1600


Coromandel Plaza
87/1A, 5th Floor, Navalur,
Phone: 044 – 43447770

Online Booking:

At present online booking not done by AGSCinemas site. It is done via BookMyShow same like AGS Royal.

Tickets Home Delivery Phone Number:

044 – 43447770

For Bulk Booking Send EMail to:

Coromandel Plaza Photo:

AGS OMR Interior:

AGS OMR Route Map:

In OMR after Tidal park  go straight passing Infosys /TCS/Hotel Asina ( in left) and Satyabama University on right and take U turn to find Coromandal Plaza.

Google Map giving details about th exact location of Coromandal Plaza that hosts these AGS theaters:

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27 thoughts on “AGS Cinemas OMR Online booking| Location Map | Photos | AGS Coromandel”

  1. “Yes of course it can be a compared to sathyam or inox..seats are so cool and HD Cube is really awesome (2k) and 4S speakers is perfect for one awesome outing. i’m sure it will meet you expectation i watched couple of movies over there. and i feel like a good place for loners as well as couples. you can give a chance for this theater atleast once”

    Audio: 9/10
    Video: 10/10
    Seats: 8/10
    Ambiance: 7/10
    Online booking: N/A
    Q Stand time: 7/10
    Parking facility and parking charges: 10/10
    Hospitality : 10/10   

  2. what i feel so bad about the movie exp is the lift which carrys passengers old aged people cannot use the stairs should have more lift and one from the ags floor to car parking

  3. snacks like popcorn are not fresh i have complained so many times to the stafs there but no use………………. ags pls watch out

  4. ags theater is good but things which are selling like popcorn,samosa is very bad.they r charging tooooooooooooooooo much but they have to give good things for the rate wht ever they are getting

  5. Very worst sites….all people are simply sleeping and not picking the phone, than how to book this rubbish tickets……..damn it………

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