Applying new Passport or reissue/renewal


You can get the form2 (renewal / re-issue) downloaded from the Govt Of India website – , fill it and submit it in person with all enclosures either at regional passport office at Shastri Bhavan or at local police stations (they accept at Annanagar K4 police station). The fee is accepted in cash at regional office while only DD is accepted at other offices. Better go for Tatkal (few weeks) as it takes 4-5 months otherwise (the fee is slightly higher for tatkal ).

You need to provide proof of address (if address has changed) and marriage certificate (or affidavit from rotary public on 20Rs stamp paper) if married and want to include the name of the spouse (mandatory and recommended if married). All signatures in the form will have to be signed only in person in front of the officials while presenting the form.

All details are mentioned in the FAQs (check for applying for kids also) at the website as well.

Going through agents (will charge 3k to 5k) isn’t worth the money!

For online application:

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10 thoughts on “Applying new Passport or reissue/renewal”

  1. my passport is going to expire on 23.07.2010. i need reneval form and for my child to get new passport form. i want appointment.

  2. my passport is going to expire on 5.03.2011. i need reneval form and
    for my child to get new passport form. i want appointment.

  3. my passport is going to expire on 23/01/2012  i need reneval from and change of address  so  i want appointment

  4. Where can I get the details or the proceedures to be followed for passport renewel through the police station. The police station station doesnt help me much in this.

  5. My husband’s passport expires Jan’ 2013. we need to go abroad urgently, is there any change to renew the passport now & we need to take passport for our kids, my passport is in my mom’s house address, my husband’s is in his mom’s hour address, what should we do to get passport for our kids.

  6. hii this is srila from chennai and i want 2 renew my passport as it s expiring on may 12 2012,so tell me what are the procedure for renewing it online,if you have any website sent it 2 my email

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