Chennai Corporation Property Tax Online Payment Step By Step

Chennai Corporation provides Property Tax Online Payment. It is a very simple procedure and the payment can be done either by credit/debit cards or online banking services. Most of the online banking services are supported including SBI/ICICI.

To Make Property Tax Payment:

1) Visit the Online payment site

2) Fill in the Zone/Division Code/Bill No/ Sub No available inĀ  your Corporation Property Tax Card

3) Submit the form and after processing you will be presented with any dues.

4) Select the check box for payment and submit.

5) Select the payment method and submit and you will be redirected to payment gateway(Internet Baking/Credit Card) and make the payment.

6) Be careful: Once the payment is made on the baking site/credit card payment is done, the site should automatically redirect back to corporation site. Please wait for few minutes(as the corporation site is very slow in processing). Never refresh the page till the receipt is generated( if you do then you may have to contact them to rectify which will be a painful process)

7) The receipt is presented. Make a print out or save the receipt for your future reference

To Check Property Tax Status:

Visit this page at Corporation House Tax Page for Status of Property Tax.