CCTP: Chennai City Traffic Police Online: FaceBook, Twitter and SMS Service

It’s Good that Chennai City Traffic Police(CCTP) has gone online and available in the popular Social Networking sites: Facebook and Twitter.

The give live frequent traffic updates and there is provision to complain about traffic violations in Facebook.

To get traffic updates via SMS:

CCTP announced a new initiative, in which free sms’s will be sent to all those who subscribe with regular traffic alerts of the sort given out on Facebook. (For those interested in these updates, send an SMS with the text “JOIN CTP” to the number 09219592195.) It is possible to leave the CTP by simply sending an SMS LEAVE CTP


 Facebook Snapshot:

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One thought on “CCTP: Chennai City Traffic Police Online: FaceBook, Twitter and SMS Service”

  1. I listened to the Karasaram in Podhigai. Govt. can find a land in every area. The Govt. can allot a land for shopping centre and all the street hawkers should be removed at any cost. It is a great obstruction not only for people to walk and to drive the two wheelers and four wheelers. People could not walk and in the crowd anti-social elements can do robbery. Secondly public is being cheated with articles of poor quality. Thirdly, when we go by vehicle, it takes more time to cross a place filled with venders. For instance we can cross North Usman road in 5 to 7 minutes. But because of the venders and crowd, it may take 30 to 40 minutes and time is wasted. Street venders should be prohibited and alternate sight and opportunity may be given.

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