Chennai Metro water online payment step by step

Here is the step by step procedure to pay Metro water tax for Chennai.

  • Click on The Register Link

  • Fill in the details: Name,Address, email and password that is needed to login in future. Select payment option as both as it helps in paying through credit card as well as internet bank payment.Submit the form. That’s it!
  • To make payment Login to the site with this link:

  • Enter the user name password used during registration.
  • It takes you to the following page:
  • Enter the Area,Division and CMC Number from your Metro water bill.
  • It will show you if there are any arrears. Choose pay by credit card or online banking and finish the payment.
  • Do not forget to make a printout of the receipt shown.

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29 thoughts on “Chennai Metro water online payment step by step”

    1. yup, i too face same problem
      i was using this site for the past two times
      now the site is not taking my id and password
      they need to improvise a lot

  1. i agree. it is nearly impossible to register for online payment. then only one can pay on line. it appears that the government wants us only to stand in queues.

  2. The site does not even have a “Forgot Password” link. And, since I have already registered, it is not even allowing me to choose my Login ID (supposed to be the 15-digit consumer number). This is ridiculous !!! :((

  3. I am also facing the same problem of registering. When I go to register, it says that the number is already registered ( I dont think I registered earlier) but there is no option of 'Forgotten Password'. The online complaint form also does not work. It is unbelievable how they could design so badly.

  4. I Have registered my consumer number already, and i am sure that the ID & password is absolutely correct. but it says id / password is not correct. Is there is any other way to proceed.
    Very Good and thanks with regret,
    Please maintain the same.

  5. I had registered to Chennai Metro water site once and paid many months ago.
    But the website does not have a facility to retrieve your password once you forget it.
    All websites which have register/login will have this facility. It should ask for the 15 digit CMC number and retrieve your password or make a new password and send it by mail.

  6. I paid my bill during november’10 using my login I created 1 year ago. But now it is not working. And asking for a 15digit CMC number. Im sure I did not use this for login earlier. Also if I try to register with my CMC number, it says already exist. Couldnt login at all now. No password reset link too.

  7. I too was facing this problem of “forgotten password and no option to retrieve”. Absurd as it may sound, but i was able to create another login with some other bill no and when I proceeded to make payment, i could enter my original CMC Number and made the payment 🙂

    I agree this amounts to stealing someone else registrtation, but if you want to a way out of the this problem, here you go…

  8. Whatever password I give it is not accepting . Please let me know what should I do to make the payment on line.

  9. Today I paid Corporation tax for this half year through Net banking but I am unable to print receipt but the money already deducted from my account. How can I get the bill, Still it shows arrears in payment status.


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