Diwali 2010 Railway booking starts on IRCTC

Diwali 2010 comes on Friday, Nov 5,2010 . Book your train tickets now!!!

For 03 Nov 2010- Book on 5th August 2010

For 04,Nov 2010 – Book on 6th August 2010

For 05,Nov 2010 – Book on 7th August 2010

After Diwali:

For 06 Nov 2010- Book on 8th August 2010

For 07,Nov 2010 – Book on 9th August 2010

For 08,Nov 2010 – Book on 10th August 2010

Book your Deepavali Tickers now!!!

BTW, IRCTC is redesigning the web interface. Noe the beta version is available for public.

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