Endhiran Review: My Views about Superstar Rajini’s Movie

There is already thousands of reviews about Enthiran. Most of them are positive ones. The average rating would be 3.5 to 4 out of 5. This is a great feat for a movie.

My verdict: Simply superb. Dont’ waste time in reading reviews. Just go to the nearest theater and enjoy it!

What I did’t like/could have been better in Endhiran:

  • Unnecessary song sequences. Most of them were forced into the screenplay
  • Wasted Santhanam and Karunas
  • Lengthy chasing sequence in second half
  • The mosquito catching by the Robot Rajini

What I liked/beautiful scenes in the movie: ( I liked all other parts . Some specific instances below)

  • Vaseegaran asks Chitti ” Walk like me”. Chitti walks in Thalavar style!
  • What is your address? Chitti says, I have only IP address
  • The scene where the Chitti was questioned ” Whether God exists or not”
  • Bohra demonstrating Chitti’s weakness and rejecting it.
  • First time Chitti  starts showing emotions
  • Chitti competing with Dr. V for Sana and the subsequent dance at Sana Birth Day party
  • Vasegaran breaking down Chitti after it’s love kavithai fiasco in front of Military officers
  • Chitti 2.0 catching Vaseegaran in the crowd of Robots.Karuppu Adddu dialogue. Only thalaivar can do it.
  • Thousands of Rajini’s at the end! What else do we need 🙂

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