Get Refund in IRCTC when Not Traveled or Train Cancelled

IRCTC has a detailed procedure available for getting refund for regular Ticket( or i-Ticket) or E-Tickets in the following scenarios:

Train Cancelled By Railways.
Train running Late by More than Three hours.
Difference of Fare in case proper coach not attached.
AC Failure
Travelled without proper ID proof
Wrongly charged by TTE
Party partially traveled
Passenger Not traveled

The refund conditions and procedure to file TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt) is given IRCTC TRD.

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One thought on “Get Refund in IRCTC when Not Traveled or Train Cancelled”

  1. In my case, on 24th Feb train was cancelled and I had my tickets in waiting list. I thought there is no need of filing TDR as train from there side was cancelled. Moreover, my ticket was already in waiting list. I filed TDR after 3 days(72 hrs), which is showing refund is under process since so many days, but have not got the money back. Please guide me to whom should I contact for the same.

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