Landmark opens at Ampa Skywalk

Landmark is now open at Ampa Skywalk Mall.It looks like a small one, but has two floors. The top floor is completely dedicated for books. There reading places and cushions to sit and read! The main floor has the usual Toys,Gifts,CDs( Movies,Music) and Gift Cards.

Though, it is not as big as the Spencer plaza, this place feels better than other Landmarks at Chennai. When you visit Skywalk, never miss the Landmark!

Now Landmark is present is Four places in Chennai. Following are the address and contact number and email:
Apex Plaza
No: 3 N.H.Road
Chennai – 600 034
PH: (044) 64523150 to 64523165
FAX: (044) 2825 9047

Spencer Plaza

769 Annasalai
Chennai – 600 002
PH: (044) 64523166 to 64523181
FAX: 4214 0004

Chennai Citi Centre
No: 10 & 11 DR.Radhakrishnan Road
Chennai – 600 004
PH: (044) 64523500 to 64523515
FAX: 4265 8317

Ampa Skywalk,
3rd Floor (adjacent to food court)
Nelson Manickam Road,
Chennai – 600 029
PH: 4343 8080

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