Get NOC for Car bike in Chennai | Without Paying Extra Money

If we know the right procedure, it’s easy to get NOC( No objection Certificate)for your Car/Bike from Chennai RTO. Following is detailed procedure:

There are 3 phases for getting NOC:

  1. 1. Need to take clearance letter from the Financier where we taken bike Loan.
  2. 2. Need to take police clearance letter from Asst commissioner of police in Egmore.
  3. 3. Need to take NOC from RTO with above collected letters.

Phase I: Taking clearance letter from the Financier ,where we taken bike Loan is very easy. We can go their office directly ,they will in 10 mins.

Phase II: For taking police clearance letter we need to take below documents .if you submit it in morning 11AM ,they will give clearance letter in 5 PM. Asst police commoner office is too good. They are maintaining like corporate office. No issues here.Every where people will guide there .

1.  Enquiry Form ( we can get in Crime branch beureu). Update: The crime records buereu is now located in Chindaripet ( no longer in EGMORE police comm office)t.Very near to Chindaripet MRTS station( Arunachalam street). Ph: 044 23452549. Call this number before you vistit

2.  Requiting Letter ( we need to write on white paper reason for NOC and our bike details)

3.  Xerx copy of RC book.

4.  Xerox copy of insurance

5.  Xerox copy of driving license (Identity proof)

6.  Address proof (we can give any one of  Passport,PAN card + office id xerox,ration card xerox,any GOVT id proof). Please note they need address proof in Chennai. And they donot accept RC book as address proof.

Phase III:

 While  Taking NOC from RTO we will see real GOVT office.We need to pay the fees in Fees section with below mentioned documents. Govt fees for NOC is 50/- and separation letter fee if we take bike in loan is 125/- .So total we need to pay is 175/- . But broker asked me pay 1800/- for only 3rd phase ;-((((( for 175 /- work. after paying the fees we need to submit in submission section. After submitting they will ask us come after 5 working days to collect NOC. As we are going directly they will make us to come at least 2 more rounds extra)

1. Original copy of RC book .

2. Xerox copy of insurance.

3. Pollution check letter.

4. Form 28 four copies (we can get it online it self).We need to fill the copies along with taking the chassis number pencil Xerox with pencil on each copy like in our RC book.

5. Clearance letter from Asst commissioner from phase 2.

6. clearance letter from financier from phase 1
Better to take Gum,pencil,Pen while going to RTO office.Below link contains which RTO office we need to go based on our registration number.

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30 thoughts on “Get NOC for Car bike in Chennai | Without Paying Extra Money”

  1. It’s absolutely correct information.But I would like to Add one more thing  when I went to Thiruvanmiyur RTO they said they won’t accept  the Application on SATURDAY and They are asking me to come on Monday to Friday between 10am to 1pm.I am not sure will this is same in other RTO too.I hope it should be the same in All RTO offices.

    1. Do Phase I is mandatory, i bought it by paying direct cash?Address proof can be phone bill for Phase II ? I have post paid bill of Vodafone and BSNL and also i had Indane gas bill receipts.

    2. That is true.
      Latest Procedure
      1. Get Clearance from you financier
      2. Get police clearance (egmore new assistant commissioner office)
      (except saturaday,public holidays)
      2. Get NOC from RTO
      (except saturaday,public holidays)

  2. Hi Narella85,

    I am planning to transfer my car from Chennai (Thiruvanmiyur) to PUNE. Could you pl let me know your contact no? Would like to know a few details as well on the procedure.

  3. my bike insurance date got expired before a month and i would like to apply for clearance, is it necessary that i have to get a fresh insurance copy.

  4. Do Phase I is mandatory, i bought it my paying direct cash?Address proof can be phone bill for Phase II ? I have post paid bill of Vodafone and BSNL and also i had Indane gas bill receipts.

  5. Hi,

    This is Vishwanath.

    I am planning to get an NOC for my bike as I am relocating from Chennai to Bangalore Permanently.

    Thanks a lot for the explaining the entire process.I have a few set of doubts , please can you address them :

    1) Address proof – Regarding PAN card + Office ID ( If Office ID has my current office address is it ok ? )
    2) Can you please specify the format of the requiting letter to be submitted to Asst commisioner office
    3)) Any Tax related documents to be submitted other than the documents specified above.

    Also can you please provide me your mobile number , so that I can talk to you
    directly,(My number is 916692635)


  6. Dont go to Jalal or jailal broker at Thiruvanmiyur.. he will ask for half of the money but will never pick your call… beaware!

  7. Admin ji, All very true information. Thanks…..Just to let the readers aware of that the RTO (Thiruvanmiyur) office really troubles you a lot in accepting the documents. One of the poorest Government Office that one can see, exact opposite of the Assistant Commissioner Office where you find so much of co-operation and assistance. So be prepared when you visit Chennai RTOs.

  8. An update for the step 2: (police clearance certificate)-You need to go to the Asst. commisioner of police office, which is in Egmore only. 5 minutes walkable distance from egmore railway station. The office is also called as commisioner office new building. Opposite to Periyar building. Everyone inside the office is ready to help you provided that you arrive there with all the required documents. Please consider the following points before visiting the office.

    Documents required:
    1. RC book, Original as well xerox (one copy).
    2. Address proof, only chennai address accepted.If you are from other state then take rent agreement,bank passbook or phone bill .
    3.Vehicle insurance xerox one copy.
    4. Loan closure letter xerox(if loan is mentioned in your RC book )

    Other details:
    1.Application submission timing is 10 am to 1 pm, Monday to Saturday.
    2.After 1 pm they will not accept your application at any cost.
    2. You need to pay Rs. 20 at the time of application submission.So keep the change.
    3.The clearance certificate can be collected next day any time during the office hour , even after 1 pm.
    4. No need to write any application. The office will provide a form in which we are asked to fill up name, address, vehicle reg number, ch no, engine number etc.

    1. Also for Phone Bill as Address proof you can only submit BSNL bill, and not any other private telecom. They accept original company letter for address proof along with company id xerox.

  9. Above what Friend p Kumar said is absolutely true ..but small correction from year 2017 is that collecting police certificate on next day is only after 3 pm to 6 pm strictly .so please plan accordingly .

  10. Most of the information is correct, except that they collect documents from Mon-Sat – 10 am to 12.45 pm. NOC will be given next day between 3pm – 6pm

    1. For phase 2, address proof – can this be hr letter with current address (not same as of RC its Hostel address) and company id xerox?

  11. I brought my bike from Chennai to Cochin. Now to get noc from Tambaram RTO or Commisioner office, do I need to take my bike.

    Moreover, is it possible to get ot done by my friend in Chennai?

  12. Phase II: Few Changes
    1) They are not issuing letter on same day.We need to wait minimum 3 days.

    2) They are not accepting authority letter in absence of owner.They are asking owner should write an email to whom he/she need to authorized.Authorized person should carry email print out.
    3) No need to write any Requiting Letter.

    Phase III: Few Changes considering TN10 RTO Verugambakkam
    1) In absence of owner authority letter will do.
    2) Fees is revised now latest fee is Rs: 250
    3) We need to carry vehicle (its Mandatory). Inspector verifying vehicle by cross checking vehicle no.

      1. What abt TN 07 Tiruvanmiyur RTO is it Mandatory to get vehicle.. Also of you dont have local address proof since i moved out of Chennai what is the process

        1. Did you receive any update regarding your question? I am in similar situation and wanted to know how to go about it. Thanks!

  13. I don’t have local address proof in Chennai but I need a PCC for two wheeler.So any one guide me how to get PCC from commissioner office.

  14. Latest update:
    Go directly Commissioner of Police, Vepery, Periyamet, Egmore. No need to get a broker. Take a pass in the reception and go to 1st floor. There will be a window for NOC documents verification. After verifying your documents, they will give you a form, fill up and submit it. Total cost is 20/-. Timing is from 10am to 1pm. Next day after 3pm, you can get your letter.
    Documents needed for police clearance:
    – Xerox copy of RC
    – Xerox copy of Insurance
    – Xerox copy of driving license
    – Xerox copy of address proof
    (It can be anything aadhaar card, paasport, Ration card, Voter ID, Company ID card with HR letter, Court bonafide letter, SBI bank pass book, BSNL bill
    Note: it must contain local address i.e. Chennai address).

    Bring originals for verification, other wise they won’t accept your form.

  15. Did you receive any update regarding your question? I am in a similar situation and want to know how to go about it. Thanks!

  16. Latest updates on Phase ll:
    It will take minimum 3-4 days to get PCC once you submit all docs.
    Gas bill is accepted as address proof only if you have Bond from gas agency.
    Original documents are mandatory, otherwise they’ll not accept.

  17. It is really nice to know these things that too free of cost. Yes, these agents charge a lot and, the fact is we pay them because we don’t know the procedure. And they just have connections with the RTOs and make money which we can save if we have just a little patience.
    I got my LL myself self but for converting it to DL I hired an agent and have to pay some hefty sum of money.
    Then I got my vehicle ownership transfer by myself and it was a real pain; a pain created by human error or human greed (I don’t know). I did not have my local address on the Aadhar card. So my address proof was missing. Driving license they will not accept as address proof. An affidavit will ask to pay at least 150 rupees. The guy was forcing me to go for an affidavit. I asked his superior and he agreed to take as rental agreement and gas cylinder purchase bill; he also confirmed that I shall get it in two to three days. When I submitted, that rude guy was not available and my application was accepted by making sure all the required documents are attached. They asked me to come after one week. I got angry but did not react.
    After one week when I went, the responsible person was missing as she has gone to bank by adding her lunchtime. She was supposed to come at 4:00 pm now (from 12:00 to 4:00 became her lunch hour) I asked how long the office will work in the evening. I got a reply that I can come before 6:00 pm. So, now I have a window of 4:00 to 6:00 pm. I cam somewhat 5:45 pm and madam was gone already. May be due to rain (good grief). Then I was asked to come tomorrow at 11:00 am.
    I came at 11:00 am and madam was missing again and nobody knows where she is. One pion checked her table and found my documents with a remark “fees not paid” and the printout of online payment was missing from the top of the bunch of documents and the job was not done. I got really angry. They were saying “if you have paid the fee then submit the copy of it.” I had paid online, so I said, why don’t you check it online, I have paid it already. One lady went to one guy working on computer, he did not comply saying “I am not free.” So, she went to another lady she did check it and my payment was confirmed. She wrote the reference number on the documents saying fees is paid. So, come again tomorrow. (Remark: the responsible lady is still yet to be seen by me.)
    When I came back the next day as per instruction. I found that all the documents are verified, but the card was not made. Surprisingly, my payment confirmation page was back on the top of the bunch of documents. Yes, it was my same page which I submitted, because I wrote my mobile number on the top in my handwriting, when I confirmed it. The page was in torn condition, anyway, pion took the bunch of pages to the card room where my cars have to be printed. it took him about 10 mins. to do the job. He came back to me and asked me to come to the delivery window. I came there and nasty guy was back. He started checking the documents and said “since I did not submit the address affidavit, the RC card can’t be given to me. I was really feeling like hitting him. Then I went to his superior again and he called the nasty guy. He was convinced that my address proof is due and perfect. No, he will not give the card unless his claim is fulfilled. Then he added another demand which was totally unwanted; but he wanted me to spend some money as I saved some 150 rupees. He asked to bring one xerox copy of aadhar card, which he has denied earlier. So I had to do this and then he gave me my RC card.
    Now my vehicle is in my name, I can claim “ab main bekar ka admi naheen hoon, mere paas ek kaar hai…”

  18. Now I am working hard to get my NOC for the vehicle. Can someone help me in this. I have already arranged the documents mentioned above, and am going tomorrow to submit these.
    I want some information, like “how long will this NOC be valid?” Shall I have to change the number of my vehicle, after shifting from here? If I have to bring back my vehicle back in Chennai, do I still need to do some documentation or what?

  19. NOC for vehicle – Commissioner of Police, Vepery, chennai.

    Excellent arrangements. Starting from the entrance, the reception, the NOC counter, all the staff behave very well.
    Hassle free procedure. Apply during the morning session on any working day and get the NOC in the evening the same day.
    Kudos to the entire team. If only all the Govt. departments function like this, India will become a super power very soon.
    Keep it up.

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