Procedure to cancel hypothecation of Vehicle bought by loan/finance

I had vehicle loan in Sundaram finance, I closed the loan and got the necessary documents from them. What is the Procedure to cancel Hypothecation now?

You must have received Form 35 and No Objection certificate from Financier,  take this along with Original RC and Xerox copy of Insurance to RTO, between 9.30am to 12.30pm.  Rs.125/- is the fees to be paid.  Go after 3 days at 3.30pm and collect it.

Take pollution control certificate.

Make sure that you have local seal from your financier(if you received your closure doc through mail, make sure that your RTO and form 35’s seal are form same region. Else you need to get a seal form local branch.

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16 thoughts on “Procedure to cancel hypothecation of Vehicle bought by loan/finance”

  1. Hi,

    Could you please any one send a format of NO Objection Certification for Veichle hypethication cancel purpose…..

    1. There is no specific format for this. You just ask your financier, he ll give some NOC of their format which RTO will accept

  2. I have got the NOC from the bank. But, it in that they have metioned that it’s valid for 90 days. Now i have got 120 days before. What shall i do? Any help?

  3. I have got the NOC from the bank. But, it in that they have metioned that it’s valid for 90 days. Now i have got 120 days before. What shall i do?

  4. I got learner’s license. But my father name is not spelled correctly in the learner’s license. I have one month time to apply for permanent license. So, please tell me what to do while applying for permanent license.

  5. i have vehicle in my name and hypothecated to SBI , vehicle is given by componey saying that if i work with them 4years it will become my property .
    before 4 years who is the owner of vehicle.Can compney take it back Whenever they like,compney has taken that vehicle on lease from SBI.
    what happens to vehicle if i leave compney before 4years .

  6. I am purchasing a vehicle from a person who had hypothecated his vehicle. Now there is no due on the vehicle but this person has lost the no due certificate and even the bank under which the vehicle was hypothecated is closed. Kindly advise on what could be done under such circumstance

  7. Hi sweta, your vehicle first owner can bring the noc again from that bank. But the first owner has to co-ordinate with you to get the noc. This is the procedure.

  8. Can I have the details to get the pollution control certificate? or where can I get it from? Suggest me any place to get that? I’m in guindy.

  9. I have purchased car in Delhi financed from Kotak Mahindra Prime Ltd. Received NOC dated 26 Aug 2011 with form no. 35 from them . Now i have been transferred to Baroda and taken the car with Delhi Registration to Baroda . Please let me know to whom i need to submit form 35 and the transfer formalities

  10. Here is the procedure to get your hypothetication cancelled for a 2 wheeler at the bangalore RTO (Indiranagar branch)

    The documents that are required from you are:
    1: NOC from the bank where the loan was applied for for repayment of vehicle loan.
    2: 2 copies of Form-35.
    3: Emission test copy.
    4: Vehicle registration copy.
    5: Vehicle insurance copy.

    All these documents are required for the cancellation of hypothecation,these need to put into a self addressed envelope with a 12 rupee stamp,once done the new RC book will be sent to you by post.The fees for the HPT at the RTO will cost 100 rupees provided you have the smart card with you else this will cost 200 rupees instead of 100.

    The counters where this is done is room-13.Leave early as the crowd builds up thereafter,should take anywhere between 90-120 minutes.

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