Satyam Escape Cinemas Screen Names in Express Avenue

We know that Satyam Cinemas in Express avenue will be called as Escape Cinemas.

Following are the Screen names of the eight theaters in EA.

  • BLUSH : 130 Seats
  • WEAVE : 130 Seats
  • SPOT: 130 Seats
  • STREAK: 300 Seats
  • PLUSH: 300 Seats
  • FRAME: 130 Seats
  • CARVE: 130 Seats
  • KITES: 130 Seats

Plush and Streak are ‘big’ theater with 300 odd seats. Others have approximately 130 seats each. Totally there are 1300 seats for the 8 screens.

These names are better than PVR screen names in Skywalk which are called Audi -1 to 7.

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