Sivaji vs Endhiran Uruvana Kathai: Kalaignar TV Sun TV battle

We all know the Sun TV is the number one TV in India, if we take number of programmes in Top 100. They dominate the whole Tamil viewer ship. They make sure audience does not watch other channels, even if they telecast good programme. But, now they have a bigger competition with Kalaignar TV acquiring most of the new Tamil films.

When Kalaignar TV got the rights of Super Star Rajini’s Sivaji three years back, I was wondering how Sun TV can answer that. I thought Sun TV would lose the battle with Sivaji and lose the viewership in that slot completely. But, they had answer with the help of ‘Endhiran‘. They started giving repeated advertisement on all their Network of Channels( Sun,KTV,Sun News, Sun Music) about the ‘Endhiran Uruvana Kathai’ to be aired at the same slot as Sivaji! That’s why they are clear number one!

So, what’s the final verdict? What people saw on Diwali evening? The Boss or the Robot won the battle? Following the TAM ratings for the Diwali week:

Kalaignar managed a 1.56 TVR and and All India rank of 38 ( The best ever rank for any Tamil TV other than Sun TV)

Sun TV got 1.09 TVR with All India rank of 52 for Making of Endhiran – The Robot!

Though Kalaignar TV  was the winner, they could get a fair share of viewers for ‘Making of Endhiran’. We know they have a reason for making a high risk/high budget Endhiran. That came to their rescue. If Sun TV had Sivaji rights, they would have got >2.5 TVR and less than 15 All India rank.

But, then still it is an indicator for the Sun TV’s losing dominance!

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