Book 2012 IPL5 Tickets for Chennai Matches| CSK | Super Kings

IPL season 5 starts on 4th April 2012.

Tickets for the Chennai matches are available at these locations:

1) Chennai Super Kings Official site

2) official IPL T20 Site



  • A Upper Tier Rs. 1,200
  • B Upper Tier Rs. 1,200
  • C Upper Tier Rs. 1,200
  • Anna Pavilion Rs. 7,000
  • Pavilion Terrace Rs. 5,000
  • T3 Rs. 3,000
  • A/B/C Hospitality Box RS. 8,000

This season the minimum ticket price has been increased to Rs1200( last year it was Rs 500). The whopping increase may be due to removal of tax exception by the state government. Also, Chepak ground 10000 seats are yet to get clearance from environment ministry which reduces the total capacity to 30000( from 40000 after renovation)

This makes teh demand go up and the high cost for the tickets.