Chennai in Forbes Fastest Growing Cities

Chennai with lot of Industries mainly Auto and IT has created over 100000 jobs in 2010. This is the leading factor ib becoming Forbes list of Fastest growing cities along with Ahmadabad and Bangalore(the other two Indian cities).

Forbes writes:

India, although not by plan, also is experiencing a boom in once relatively obscure cities. Its rising urban centers include Bangalore (home of Infosys and Wipro ( WIT – news – people )), Ahmadabad (whose per-capita incomes are twice that of the rest of India) and Chennai (which has created 100,000 jobs this year). Many of India’s key industries–auto manufacturing, software and entertainment–are establishing themselves in these cities.

The list of 19 urban centers that are “emerging powerhouses” and are expected to play a significant role in the next decade was dominated by the two fast-growing Asian economies, India and China.

The Forbes ‘Next Decade’s Fastest-Growing Cities’ list excludes “established global centers”, urban centers which were in the limelight for the last two decades and “dysfunctional” mega cities which are also among the planet’s most populous.