Very high parking fees at Express Avenue and Ampa Skywalk Mall

Express Avenue Mall which houses Satyam Escape Multiplex and Ampa Skywalk which has PVR Cinemas have many complaints of exorbitant collection of parking fee. See instances of experiences of some of the Mall visitors:

Express Avenue:

Last weekend I had visited Express Avenue mall for the first time. I had bad experience with CAR parking fee there. They charged me total of Rs 300 for  6 hrs of parking. We went for a movie+ shopping, while returning we waited around 1:15 hours to reach the parking fee collection place as there was a long queue of cars. We initially thought that there is only single gate, so was the rush. But we came to know that everyone has fought in the collection place due to this huge fee. There were some display boards when we neared the collection place . Eg: 1st 1 hr 50 , 2nd hour 20.. 6th hour 60. So we thought it would be 110(50+60). But when we are about to pay, the person there said our amount is Rs 315. We were shocked, the person explained us how its calculated. We started arguing, meantime the cars behind us stared horning. So we didn’t argue much,  we said we would not visit this place from now on.

Looks like they cumulatively add each hours parking fee and come to a sum for the total hours.  Also there are separate rates for weekday and weekends. Also they don’t have any fee boards when we enter the mall parking. If it was we would have been somewhat prepared. Also there is some premium parking which is flat Rs 150/3 hrs which has a designated parking area. I haven’t seen such a costly parking fee in any mall in Chennai. Looks like for bike the charge is Rs 25/hour 🙁
I think someone would have already experienced the same. I just wanted to share this information.

For another person:

Me too!!!!!   The reading for the Parking shows a minute greater than 3 hours(3:01). And the guy has charged 20 extra for that one minute,,  Moreover I was waiting in queue for ten mins,

After some negotiation I paid for for 3 hours

Ampa Skywalk:

In Ampa Skymall, the first hour is 50 or so and then for every additional hour around 20 (approximate rates).

So if you go for a night show and you cross midnight, the billing starts from the first hour again. This is not the right way of billing. Even if you question them, they don’t give you answers and make you wait for more than 30 minutes with no solid answers 🙁

There was a news article in TOI on this and Mayor has said, some action will be taken to control the Parking fees. Let see how that goes.