TNEB New Tariff for 2015 Calculator

On 12th Dec 2014, when everyone in Tamilnadu were fighting out to get a Ticket to Superstar movie Lingaa, TN government increased the Electricity tariff by 15%.

The new tariff is given below with comparison to old tariff. 2015 TNEB New Tariff rates effect from 12th Dec 2014


For customers using below 500 units(bi monthly) government will absorb the raise(effectively no increase). But others- mostly in the cities using AC, it is a steep increase in tariff.

The new TNEB tariff calculator is is alive with new rates.

New TNEB Tariff 2015- From 12th Dec 2014


If you need to  check the old tariff( from April 2012 to 11th Dec 2014), it still available here.



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